Has anyone attempted this with whole wheat flour?



Katie April 19, 2012
I used whole wheat flour and it worked great. I had wonderful results and no problems!
vvvanessa March 20, 2012
On my first go at this recipe, I used just under 200 grams of whole wheat flour (probably a little high proportionately) and the rest in all-purpose, and I didn't change the amount of yeast, and it worked great.
davidpdx March 20, 2012
I have used up to a 50-50 mixture of whole wheat and all-purpose flour for Leahy's original 2006 recipe for no-knead bread with good results; since the process is similar, I would think it would work okay for the pizza dough. I was disappointed, however, with using more than 50 percent whole wheat, as the texture got pretty crumbly, which you probably would not want in a pizza crust.
Kristen M. March 20, 2012
I haven't tried this recipe with whole wheat flour but in his book Lahey recommends using 1/3 whole wheat to 2/3 white flour, and doubling the yeast.
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