Strange sweet taste to greens from turnips

I had an unpleasant unexpected surprise when I ate dinner tonight. I'd steamed down a mass of greens chopped from mature turnips grown in my garden. They were really lush and bright when i harvested them--since had been refrigerated and wilted. I added in some leftover stewed swiss chard with beans, some vinegar, tomatoes, peanut butter and winter squash, then cooked it all together for about 20 minutes, then left it off the heat for another 1.5 hours (went to yoga class...). It had this strange sweet but earthy taste, which was really pronounced in the cooking liquid and the squash. Since the greens were the only thing I haven't made this way before, perhaps it was them? Can I save this dish? I still have so much!



susan G. October 31, 2012
Is it possible there was some mold on/in your winter squash? That could contribute an 'earthy' off flavor.
Maedl October 31, 2012
Without tasing it, it is difficult to know what to say. Did you put onions and garlic in? They and the winter squash could add a sweetness to the dish--so could the peanut butter. Perhaps add more vinegar or lemon juice, but then you wil end up with a sweet-sour flavor.
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