Leftover Greens

Help! We hosted a BBQ this weekend and have several pints of leftover stewed greens. They are slightly spicy with a vinegar tang and I have run out of ideas on how to use them up before they go bad.



amysarah April 29, 2013
Cooked greens are great on a crusty roll/bread with slices of roast pork. (I bet pulled pork would work well with them too.)
ChefJune April 29, 2013
Love cooked greens in a sandwich. You can make them hot or cold, with cheese or deli meats, or even roast beef...
Sarahrenee314 April 29, 2013
Yum! Thanks for the great suggestions :)
HalfPint April 29, 2013
Drain them a little and use as a filling for sandwiches. I suggest an Italian hoagie with hot capocolla (sp?), salami, mortadella, mild provolone. My favorite deli makes a similar sandwich with spicy braised broccoli rabe & roasted red peppers. It's totally delicious. Or go vegetarian, and make a sandwich with fresh mozzarella.
savorthis April 29, 2013
This recipe looked so good to me : http://food52.com/recipes/21697-buckwheat-crepes-with-brie-honey-sauteed-swiss-chard.
SMSF April 29, 2013
Here are a few ideas:
- simmer with chicken or vegetable broth with some chickpeas or small pasta shape for a quick and easy soup
- omelet filling or in a scramble, maybe with roasted red peppers
- Grill some bread and top with warmed greens and olive oil
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