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Bitter polenta

I love polenta (when I eat it out at restaurants), but whenever I make it at home, it has a weird/bitter taste to me. I have a few theories - maybe the cornmeal is rancid, perhaps I didn't cook it enough and it's still a bit raw, or maybe that's just what polenta tastes like and I'm not putting as much cheese/butter as a restaurant would to hide the flavor. Does this happen to anyone else?

asked by annemlock about 4 years ago
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Monita is a Recipe Tester for Food52

added about 4 years ago

Freshness of the cornmeal could be the culprit. Experiment with a fresh box and see if that makes a difference. Polenta needs lots of seasoning as well

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added about 4 years ago

If you google "bitter polenta," you'll see lots of indications that you should cook it longer.

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added about 4 years ago

Whole grain corn as polenta is subject to rancidity. You can protect it by storing in the freezer.