Bitter polenta

I love polenta (when I eat it out at restaurants), but whenever I make it at home, it has a weird/bitter taste to me. I have a few theories - maybe the cornmeal is rancid, perhaps I didn't cook it enough and it's still a bit raw, or maybe that's just what polenta tastes like and I'm not putting as much cheese/butter as a restaurant would to hide the flavor. Does this happen to anyone else?



Maria November 8, 2017
I too got bitter polenta when I first cooked. I could not eat it.
susan G. October 31, 2012
Whole grain corn as polenta is subject to rancidity. You can protect it by storing in the freezer.
Greenstuff October 31, 2012
If you google "bitter polenta," you'll see lots of indications that you should cook it longer.
Monita October 31, 2012
Freshness of the cornmeal could be the culprit. Experiment with a fresh box and see if that makes a difference. Polenta needs lots of seasoning as well
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