Best moderately priced mandolins out there

What mandolin slicers do recommend that are good quality while still moderately priced? I'm starting to establish my kitchen and get rid of my $17 OXO contraption- which does an okay job but it a little unwieldy and doesn't give an even slice. Looking in the $50-100 range with multiple blade options. What do you use? Thanks everyone!



CHeeb November 1, 2012
I bought a Norpro mandoline this week from Amazon for less than $20 and it came with grating and french fry cutting blades , along with the traditional adjustable slicing blade. It's sharp out of the box, so , I am happy thus far.
darksideofthespoon November 1, 2012
I adore my Kuhn Rikon mandoline. (I like all the products by them I have purchased - scissors, pairing knives and mini butcher knife). It was 20 dollars and after having it for 8 months it hasn't gone dull!
sjaneparker November 1, 2012
Great! I will check it out! Thanks very much!
Monita November 1, 2012
I really like a Japanese mandolin like the Benriner Wide-Body Large Slicer. They're available on and it's under $50
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