Salted Almonds - how to keep them salted.

I've been making your recipe for salted almonds with a bit of sugar to great acclaim having adjusted the amount of oil. Only problem is that the salt sugar end up at the bottom of the bowl or jar rather than on the almonds. Seems like a physics & chemistry problem. Any ideas or suggestions?

  • Posted by: Arrxx
  • November 2, 2012


Arrxx November 3, 2012
Using 1 beaten egg white per 2 cups almond definitely does the trick. No oil needed. The egg white forms a kind of glue that allows the salt and sugar to adhere to the nuts. I added some other spices to the salt & sugar like smoked paprika. Easy and a wow for guest. "You made these
Arrxx November 2, 2012
That is an excellent idea. Dorie Greenspan has a recipe for "Sweet and spicy cocktail nuts" in which she tosses the nuts in beaten egg white to which she adds the spices. I will try that technique. It sounds like the egg white acts like a glue for the spices. But then you probably wouldn't need the oil. Dorie doesn't use any. Hmmmm. Thanks again!

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bigpan November 2, 2012
Try tossing the almonds in some beaten egg white, coat with the salt/sugar mix, then pop in the oven to roast, cool, then jar them.
Arrxx November 2, 2012
Thanks for your suggestions!
Monita November 2, 2012
Try somewhere in between the original amount and what you cut it back to - see if it makes a difference.
Arrxx November 2, 2012
That's possible. But the original amount was clearly too much. From all of the comments on the site it appears that others found the original amount made for puddles of oil and the nuts were too greasy.
Monita November 2, 2012
Have you reduced the mount of oil from the original recipe? Maybe less oil is making it less adherent
Arrxx November 2, 2012
Yes I do let them cool.
Monita November 2, 2012
Are you letting them cool completely before putting them in a bowl? That could help
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