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Has anyone cooked with a mushroom called "Chicken of the Wood" or "Chicken Mushroom" or the "sulfur mushroom"? I was given about 2 lbs., and I sauteed them and froze them. I want to use them - the guy who gave them to me said they are used in high-end restaurants, but I am not seeing much in the way of using them. Any suggestions? I do love mushrooms, and could probably throw them in a soup or quiche or something - just wondering if anybody uses these mushrooms for anything super or specific?

  • Posted by: LLStone
  • November 2, 2012


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Hen of the woods (maitake or Grifola frondosa) and chicken of the woods (Laetiporus sulphureus or Polyporus sulphreus) are 2 different mushrooms. The edibility of chicken of the woods is a bit disputed. Per David Arora (author of Mushrooms Demystified) "Widely regarded as edible when tender, but often causing gastrointestinal distress". From The Complete Mushroom by Antonio Carluccio (a cookbook) "Large slices from a tender specimen can be broiled or sautéed in butter. When the specimen is more mature and the color deepens to orange-yellow, it is excellent for soups, stews, and pickling - but is not recommended for freezing (unless first cooked in butter). Although I haven't tried it, it is said to be a good flavoring when dried and then reduced to a powder. It is better to cook this mushroom, as some people are allergic to it raw."
hardlikearmour November 3, 2012
This is my answer (I was at the WF site when I saw the question).
LLStone November 2, 2012
My search didn't work right, but thanks Greenstuff for the link! it looks like I can do anything w/ them, which is a great answer. They might make a great Bourguinon. Funny, I'm watching Iron Chef, and one of the used a "chicken mushroom".
Reiney November 2, 2012
How about on a risotto, or just sauteed on toast (perhaps with some goat's cheese, perhaps not, perhaps with a poached egg, perhaps not). You can use it like you'd use any wild mushroom like chanterelles, morels, etc.
Greenstuff November 2, 2012
I thought I remembered telling that story before... And sure enough, here's another hotline question about chicken of the woods.
Greenstuff November 2, 2012
Yes, indeed! I once gave a friend some leftover chicken of the woods. Her roommate had some of it and asked, what was that interesting chicken recipe? I generally cook them slowly and add cream and mild herbs. I think they benefit from a little more stewing than many other mushrooms. You could add more liquid and have your soup, but I like to serve them on rice or noodles.
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