I want to make a sweet potato crunch recipe and it calls for evaporated milk and I can't use dairy products. Is there a subsitute?

Melissa goldberg


spiffypaws November 22, 2010
Not sure what your recipe contains, but Lactaid milk, coconut milk or soy milk should work OK. Lactaid milk is pretty sweet, so if there is sugar in the recipe, you will probably want to reduce the amount of sugar. I personally don't like using almond milk because it tastes a little bitter. I've also used 1/2 OJ and 1/2 water, but again, it depends on the recipe and how it'll interact with the substitutions.
cindyk November 22, 2010
if you are looking for a non dairy substitute, Silk soy milk is not pareve.
However i substitute for milk in almost every recipe with a non dairy soy milk. Just read the labels there are lots of them around. a vanilla soy milk might be a nice substitute in this recipe. i plan to make a similiar recipe, i think, with toasted pecans, and an oatmeal, streusely toping
TheMimi November 22, 2010
I think you can use any liquid substitute that you like from broth/stock to soy/almond milk. Not familiar with the recipe but you might also add some oil depending on liquid you choose to the liquid. Example: a teaspoon of EVOO to broth or nut oil to Almond milk.

Good cooking to ya!
allie November 22, 2010
You can use a non-dairy creamer (silk is excellent) if it's not too much (e.g., a 1/4 cup), but if it's a lot I'd use coconut milk.
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