I'm looking to replace my 25-year-old juicer. Any suggestions? I mostly make carrot and green juices.

Sara from Brooklyn


Ben P. November 8, 2012
While I don't have a specific brand to recommend, I would highly suggest that you find one that clearly states how to clean it. Many years ago, I picked up a cheap one from Walmart to juice carrots. It was bulky and didn't break down easily for cleaning. The main parts couldn't even go into the dishwasher. After a few years, I just tossed it because I was too disgusted. Don't let it happen to you!

Good luck :-)
FutureChef November 8, 2012
Brevilles are widely used and have a solid reputation, but I recommend going with a masticating one. A lot of people say the Brevilles are faster but since the centrifugal method isnt always as efficient, I often end up running the pulp through--this not so time saving. The Hurom has been getting great ratings.
SKK November 6, 2012
Consider purchasing a Vita-Mix. The juicer leaves behind the good stuff. The Vita-Mix makes it all into juice and you get all the vitamins. They also last a long, long time.
Pamela731 November 7, 2012
I have a few friends that prefer the vita-mix over most juicers; however, I just ordered the NinjaMega professional series. We will see how well it juices.
Sam1148 November 6, 2012
Here's a review from Xeni Jardin from BoingBoing. About her experience with juicing while undergoing chemotherapy. With lots of good comments about juicers.
She recommends a Omega brand Masticating juicer---which is about to handle leafy green and things like wheat grass better than centrifuge styles.


Nozlee S. November 6, 2012
Here is a really fantastic review that offers all kinds of juicers with a lot of data backing up how good they are:
Sam1148 November 6, 2012
@Nozlee HA! I posted my link without look at yours...it's the same juicer Xeni mentioned her review.
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