Any tips on using an old (probably from my parents' wedding in 1979) juicer? It's a Braun and I can only remember one time in my childhood actually using it. When I turned it on this morning I noticed 2 things, it was loud and it vibrated (and made everything else on the counter vibrate and jump too). What do people do to make what should be a soothing, cleansing ritual (i.e. detoxing with juice) calm and quiet? Juice of celery, carrot, roast beet, cilantro, spinach, lime, cucumber and ginger did turn out really yummy; actually I made that into a smoothie with frozen currants and bananas and soymilk and yogurt. So pretty and tasty!



Newer juicers are probably a bit less noisy. We use a silpat mat--you can find them in the size of a potholder too, to keep on-the-run kitchen appliances from inching their way toward the counter's edge. We've used a fusion of veggies and fruits, particularly watermelon with it's high water content and gentle takes the edge off of some bitter but beneficial green vegetables; definitely apples and cucumbers. I likw them all with minty herbs.)
Homemadecornbread January 2, 2011
To keep the juicer from migrating, you could try placing it on a thick towel you've wet and wrung out. Or buy a roll of rubber shelf lining - looks like rubber rug underlay - and put the juicer on top of a couple of layers of the rubber.
Raquelita January 2, 2011
POTATO: do you remember what your friend's mom did to keep the juicer from migrating across the counter...mine is like a monster slowly but steadily crashing down everything in its path. I don't know if the ginger actually juiced. I keep brewed high-quality green tea in my fridge to add to smoothies and stuff, maybe I will make a ginger infusion for the same purpose.
POTATO January 2, 2011
When I was little (around 1979) I remember my best friends mom would juice in that juicer every day, several times a day. Always vegetables, never fruit, and almost always looked like pond scum. We thought she was crazy. But I have to say, 30 years later she looks 20 years younger than her age - she looks absolutely beautiful. Maybe its the juice!?!?

So it sounds like you are already a pro at juicing. I too juice a variety of greens, and a lemon, for breakfast and its highly detoxifying. The added lemon will clean you right out! I love the ginger that you added, great idea. I also add virgin, raw coconut oil to my smoothies, so delicious & healthy!
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