When to stall steamed bun preparation

I have a steamed bun recipe I'd like to make for dinner tonight, and it would be nice to get them started now. The dough has a three rises: initial (1hr), after portioning (30 min), and after shaping (30 min). Is there anywhere in the process can I stall them so that I don't have to the entire 2+ hour process immediately before dinner? Would it hurt to let them sit for several hours at some point in there?



Nozlee S. November 8, 2012
Steamed buns freeze and re-steam excellently -- you should just make them all the way and then reheat what you need!
wssmom November 8, 2012
It would make sense to stall after the initial rise; you could also make them in advance and re-steam them ...
nutcakes November 8, 2012
Is this a Chinese style steamed bun or stuffed bun?
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