Replacing pork with lamb in steamed buns?

I'm thinking of making this recipe ( ) , but have no pork (except for bacon) in the house. Would it be totally off flavour to replace the pork in the recipe with ground lamb?

Don't know much about Chinese cooking flavours, so it might be better to wait 'till I can go shopping and get actual pork. What are your thoughts?



ChezHenry November 15, 2014
Xi'an Famous food in NYC's Chinatown is famous for their lamb "burger". Very spicy braised lamb served on a Chinese baked bun, its awesome. Go for it!
M.McAwesome November 14, 2014
That sounds awesome! Please try it and let me know if it works. I love pork buns and I love eating lamb. So lamb buns sound great to me.
amysarah November 14, 2014
My friend who's lived in Beijing for many years has definitely mentioned lamb dishes - including dumplings. (Also years ago, there was a Chinese restaurant in NYC near the UN known for its lamb dishes - I wonder if it's still around...) Anyway, I just Googled Chinese lamb dumplings and this came up: I'm sure there are others out there too.
Meaghan F. November 14, 2014
I don't think it would be off at all; I see Mongolian Lamb on chinese takeout menus all the time and don't see why you couldn't put something similar on a bun. You will almost certainly need to revise the seasonings though.
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