A question about a recipe: Lamb Stew With Cardamom

I have a question about the ingredient "grains of paradise (sub pepper if you don't have this - but really you should get some!)" on the recipe "Lamb Stew With Cardamom " from aargersi. what is this?

  • Posted by: grady
  • November 8, 2012
Lamb Stew With Cardamom
Recipe question for: Lamb Stew With Cardamom


susan G. November 8, 2012
I was curious about what else the grains can be used for, and surprised to find 29 listed (almost all of them using it). This gives me a better idea of what to do with them -- sitting in my pantry! This lamb stew does not specify grinding or crushing them, but I believe they should be.
SeaJambon November 8, 2012
Ben - That is SO COOL! I've never heard of this spice and now I need to get some!! Can't wait to play with it!
Ben P. November 8, 2012
"Grains of Paradise come from West Africa, where they grow on a leafy plant and are easily harvested. The name comes from Medieval spice traders looking for a way to inflate the price - it was claimed that these peppery seeds grew only in Eden, and had to be collected as they floated down the rivers out of paradise. Although Grains of Paradise are now rare and expensive, they used to be used as a cheaper substitute for black pepper. They have a zesty flavor reminiscent of pepper, with hints of flowers, coriander and cardamom."

From: thespicehouse.com/spices/grains-of-paradise

Interesting fact: Sam Adams uses grains of paradise when they brew their Summer Ale
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