Cakes won't release!

My mother is making a three-layer cake for this evening, my boy's fourth birthday. We're having kitchen tears because all three layers from buttered and floured pans are stubbornly stuck at the center of the pans. Any hope of salvation? Thanks in advance!



CHeeb November 9, 2012
Next time you run out of parchment,wax paper is a good substitute for a cake pan bottom liner. I also like the "frosting as spackling filler idea" . I've glossed over many cakes cosmetic flaws with icing.
mrslarkin November 9, 2012
I hate when that happens! If any cake pieces rip off, save them and glue them back together with the frosting. Or fill in craters with frosting. Once it's all frosted, no one will be the wiser. Happy 4th birthday!
JadeTree November 9, 2012
Yes, we did the knife thing , as usual. We loved the heating over the burner trick - but, alas, no luck. We think it is the chocolate chips in the batter since the edges are free, but there are spots towards the centers that are stuck in random intervals (tester came out clean so cakes are definitely done). Mom didn't have any parchment when prepping the pans, but I think it'll be de rigueur from here on out. We're going to just get it out and make a giant trifle out of it, chocolate icing, whipped cream and all! Put candles on it and he'll be thrilled. Thanks for the suggestions, all!
JadeTree November 9, 2012
We are trying it now! Thank you!
Monita November 9, 2012
Have you also tried running a knife around the edges?
JenniferJuniper November 9, 2012
A friend showed me a trick on Sunday in our kitchen at church. She had allowed the cake she brought to cool in the pan and it was stuck, she heated it very gently, briefly over a burner and it released. She said it warms the fats up again and helps loosen things up.
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