How many pounds of turkey per guest?

When buying a Thanksgiving turkey, how many pounds do you buy per guest?

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abbey November 10, 2017
1 1/2 pounds
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I agree with the 1lb per person. At a few catering events I've done that was the recommended amount. It also depends widely on how hungry they are feeling, how many sides you have, and if you really want leftovers. If that's the case 1lb - 1lb and a half.
darksideofthespoon November 12, 2012
I'd go with 1lb per person, with a few extra lbs for left overs - that would ensure there are plenty for turkey soup or sandwiches the next day! Personally, I could easily eat a pound of turkey meat. I can never pick between the thigh and breast! Then you have drumsticks and skin?! Impossible not to have some of each.

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smslaw November 12, 2012
I always figure one pound per person, which should leave some for turkey sandwiches for the day after. 1/2 lb. is a little light, IMHO.
Vittoria November 12, 2012
Figure on 1/2pd per person. I always get more because we enjoy left overs.
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