I don't understand the oven temp of 284 degrees..........

  • Posted by: Ask Peg
  • November 12, 2012
Recipe question for: Garlic camembert from the oven


pierino November 13, 2012
HalfPint is correct. Although I doubt that anyone can calibrate their oven temperature that precisely. As an FYI in England the equivalent could be "Gas Mark 2" which is pretty vague and refers to a very low oven.
ChefOno November 13, 2012

I think you can be sure nobody's oven is that accurate by the very nature of how thermostats work (let alone ovens all have hot and cold spots). Unless you're capable of taking into account the thermal mass of the food and the pot or pan it's in and can factor in the starting temperature of the ingredients plus the non-linearity of temperature rise, your best bet is to stick a probe in the dish and "it's done when it's done".


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HalfPint November 12, 2012
Probably converted from celsius. 284F = 140C
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