I'm going to make my own vegetable stock for this. What vegetables, herbs, etc. should I use in making stock for this? Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)

Vegetarian Mushroom Thyme Gravy
Recipe question for: Vegetarian Mushroom Thyme Gravy


frosenthal November 13, 2016
The recipe calls for a 1/3 cup of dried mushrooms. How many ounces of dreid mushrooms do I need to buy?
C S. November 14, 2016
Since this is to add flavoring the exact amount is not crucial. Imagine a 1/3 cup measure in your head and then look at the packages of dried mushrooms and make a good guess. A little less/a little more it will still be fine.

AntoniaJames November 15, 2012
Thank you, Susan. That recipe looks quite useful! I appreciate your finding it and posting the link. ;o)
susan G. November 14, 2012
Here's one that uses mushrooms that would give you an idea of proportions -- http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-diy-vege-1-19635. (AJ, your questions are always so fruitful!)
AntoniaJames November 14, 2012
Well, what do you know! Marian's post last week addresses this (though not specifically this recipe) on point: http://www.food52.com/blog/4862_10_makeahead_thanksgiving_recipes I'll be adding the cream (in this case, a thick homemade almond milk) when I reheat it, so I don't think there should be any problem. Thanks so much. ;o) P.S. I'll report back on the results late next week.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 9, 2014
AntoniaJames, did you end up freezing this sans cream? Do you remember if it worked well to do so?
Pegeen November 10, 2014
AJ, I had trouble with your link to Marian's blog but this link worked for me:
AntoniaJames November 10, 2014
L-J, I just checked my notes and yes, it works great! As with most frozen sauces, it needs a bit of refreshing so I added a bit more fresh thyme. (I also added a tiny pinch of finely chopped fresh marjoram because to my mind, thyme is even better when paired with a hint of marjoram. Just a touch, however.) Another note: Be sure to use a dryish Amontillado for this. Most vegetable stocks hew toward the sweet. Sherries tend to be sweet, as well, so one should keep that in mind with a savory sauce like this. ;o)
Lindsay-Jean H. November 10, 2014
Many thanks for checking AJ! I used sherry in it last year, but was planning to try brandy this year, after reading one of your comments on the recipe!
AntoniaJames November 10, 2014
Brandy, yes. So, so yes. ;o)
Monita November 14, 2012
I've never frozen gravy - always make it same day as turkey. Maybe there are other things you can do in advance to save time -- pie dough can be made in advance and frozen
AntoniaJames November 14, 2012
Okay, great, thanks. I'll probably make the stock on Friday evening, so that will work out fine. How far in advance do you think I can make the gravy? Do you think it would freeze well? If so, I'd probably make it over the weekend, given that I'll be busy with client work until Wednesday afternoon (so all prep must be done in the evening or very early in the morning). Thanks so much. ;o)
Monita November 14, 2012
I don't think it's overkill to add the mushrooms; always a nice flavor. The stock will keep in the fridge 4-5 days. If you want to make it a week or more in advance, then freeze it and thaw it on Monday so you can make your gravy Tuesday
AntoniaJames November 14, 2012
Thanks, Monita. Do you think it would be overkill to add a few dried mushrooms + some mushroom stems as well? Also, how long does vegetable stock hold in the fridge, i.e., how far in advance can I make it? I'm thinking about making the gravy on Tuesday evening. Thanks again. ;o)
Monita November 14, 2012
Here are two good recipes for vegetable stock:
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