Making lazy Mary's lemon tart. How big is a "large" Meyer lemon? These seem to be about half the size I a regular lemon. Should I use one, or

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TryItSheSaid November 22, 2012
Thank you Mary! Weight is very helpful.
Greenstuff November 22, 2012
I've made the tart often, with veryng sizes of lemons, even sometimes with a lemon and a half if I think one is kind of small. Always a success, so I think the exact size isn't too important.
dymnyno November 22, 2012
I just picked one of my Meyer lemons and it weights 3 3/4 ounces /105 gr. Use that as a guide and remember to just cut it up and throw the whole lemon, seeds and all into the blender. If I could make that change to my original recipe I would so clarify the recipe for everyone who tries it. (editors??) Have a happy Thanksgiving. dymnyno aka Lazy Mary
Kristy M. November 22, 2012
I can't tell how many lemons are cut up in your photo. I'd probably use 6 of those chunks.
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