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Anyone care to recommend a good, basic food processor for $100 or less? (A blender won't work as a substitute.) I'm shopping for a gift for someone who needs only the chopping blade and will use the food processor 4-6 times a year. I just want a motor that won't peter out after 20 uses and doesn't cost a lot. Didn't see any Black Friday sales that weren't in the $130-$150 range. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • November 25, 2012


Pegeen December 1, 2012
Thanks everyone. Based on your tips, found a good deal on a Cuisinart at the local hardware store, of all places. It's for my Mom, who has an ancient Robocoup with a motor like a lawn mower. I'm sure they're illegal now.
QueenSashy November 29, 2012
I definetely recommend Cusinart. Mine is 11 years old, runs like new, and I am a heavy duty user. I found the size to be really important when deciding which food processor to buy. If your firend will be cooking for a crowd, 11 is a must. But if she will be cooking for herself or an extra person, 7 cup is the right size.
SMSF November 29, 2012

Bloomingdale's currently (as of 11/29) has the Cuisinart 11-cup model for $79.99 and is offering free shipping for online orders. I have used this model for years and love it. Haven't seen a price this good in maybe, ever!
[I tried to post this info yesterday, but it was canned because it contained a link (the Food52-ers are working on that) Thus the slightly inconvenient link-less response]
SMSF November 29, 2012
Booo, I just checked the price again at Bloomingdales and it changed! Sorry, I would delete the above post if I could. The price was $79.99 earlier! : (
Pegeen November 26, 2012
Thanks, everyone. Help is much appreciated!
Kristen W. November 25, 2012
I agree that Cuisinart is a trustworthy brand. If you can find the 7-cup model Dr. Babs pointed out on Amazon, that sounds like a good bet to me.
drbabs November 25, 2012
Amazon has this basic Cuisinart on sale for $99.95
Monita November 25, 2012
I've found that the 2 best brands for food processors are Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid. However, the models that are under $100 are rather small -- cup wise. I have a Hamilton food processor which I got at Target for under $100 to be used just a couple of times a year. It's very functional but a bit loud.
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