What can I pair w split pea soup?



Melissa October 25, 2017
Grilled cheese, bread spread with cheese whiz, soda biscuits with or without cheese whiz. I personally love loading pea soup with lotsa pepper, making a half grilled cheese with white bread, American cheese & prefer mayo as opposed to butter, because it makes it soggier and better for dipping. I normally like becel or butter when not wig peasoup however.
bigpan May 10, 2014
As noted above, pea soup is pretty filling by itself - especially with some nice ham hock in it.
Therefore I would suggest some fresh out of the oven bread. Nothing gets your taste buds going better than the aroma of fresh bread. You can also consider nan bread or even pizza bread with just a sprinkle of olive oil.
Pegeen May 8, 2014
Thin-sliced ham on hot biscuits with a mustard-mayo-horseradish schmear
Sam1148 May 7, 2014
A meat 'hand pie' Pasty.
barbara N. May 7, 2014
Corn bread is good. I add a sm can of diced ortega chilis and a cup to cup & half shredded cheddar cheese
Simplyaok May 7, 2014
For me it has always been Corn Bread or Corn Bread muffins!!! Yum...
chefpeteramirez May 7, 2014
I like to pair it with my "Chicken Cordon Bleu melt" fresh sourdough slices spread with garlic butter and grilled with melted cheese, grilled thin sliced ham, crispy chicken tenders and a little honey dijon mustard! mmmmm $8.99 baby!! lol
bigpan November 26, 2012
Cabbage rolls or stuffed peppers - a nice eastern European dinner. Some crusty bread and all is OK
arnold S. November 26, 2012
I the earlier years in my professional career, cut up hotdogs or sausage and potatoes, made a very harty meal. A crusty roll finished meal.
Pegeen November 26, 2012
Small biscuits with thin-sliced ham and a dab of brown mustard or honey mustard. If you're in a rush, a tube of ready-made biscuits from the dairy case is fine: just use a small cookie cutter or the rim of a smaller glass to cut down the biscuits to smaller size. Re-shape any scraps to form more biscuits.
Burnt O. November 25, 2012
What about paninis with caramelized onions, gruyere, prosciutto, and mushrooms?
TobiT November 25, 2012
The Swedes eat thin pancakes with their pea soup (every Thursday!). It's a surprisingly good combo. Thin crepe-like, eggy pancakes with lingonberry jam.
Monita November 25, 2012
Pea soup is pretty hearty so a large salad with grilled vegetables could be nice; or grilled cheese sandwiches
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