Whole dried yellow peas vs yellow split peas in recipe

Can I substitute dried whole yellow peas for split ones on a yellow pea soup recipe? Basically vegs are softened first, then broth, peas, ham & spices added, and simmer for about an hour.



scruz November 15, 2015
i made a big pot yesterday and it was delish. used only yellow split peas. i can't detect a difference so i think it is just the same thing but different color gene. at my store the yellow peas are slightly cheaper too.
Patricia November 15, 2015
Thank you, thank you scruz! I too like a pease porridge consistency, so I opted for a short soak (4 hrs rather than overnight). It can't hurt, was my thinking. It did take longer, as you mentioned, but in the end they broke down nicely. I think I still prefer split, whether green or yellow, but this was still delicious.
scruz November 11, 2015
i don't see why not, but have never tried it. recently i bought some yellow split peas and used them in a soup which recipe called for green split peas. it turned out the same. i would think the whole peas would need slightly longer cooking. i like my split peas almost dissolved and like "peas porridge" or what i would imagine. just keep checking until they are the consistency you like. sounds yummy.
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