Looking for a reasonably priced roasting pan with rack

I don't want to spend All-Clad prices on this item, as we don't use it often (unless you know a 2nds source, I used to but forgot it.) I'm looking for something basic and a step up from the thin enamelware or even the aluminum disposable that I used this week. Anyone knowing of current bargains, please link, thanks. Can we get a decent one for $30?

  • Posted by: nutcakes
  • November 25, 2012


puresugar November 27, 2012
Unless it's important to you to have the high sides and handles, you could use a restaurant sheet pan (Vollrath, Lincoln Wearever) with a stainless cooling rack. I did this with a turkey once, and many times for chickens, ducks, and goose.
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 26, 2012
Here' sone with a rack. http://www.amazon.com/Chicago-Metallic-Non-Stick-Roast-4-Inch/dp/B003YKGRG4/ref=pd_vtp_k_2

Graniteware (Walmart sells) is very affordable but some of them don't include a rack.
oregon C. November 26, 2012
If you have a Costco near you they always carry a nice heavy duty one this time of year -- saw it there last week, I think it was under $40. I've had mine for years (turkeys, all roasting, etc.) & it has held up great. Only draw-back is the Teflon coating on the removable rack has chipped so I don't use it anymore. Also, check discount stores like Ross & TJ Maxx -- Ross had sturdy ones last week in your price range.
Greenstuff November 25, 2012
I have a Revere Ware roaster like this one on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/102613451/revere-ware-2504-28-lb-capacity
It's been great for me, as both top and bottom can be used as pans. A little thin for when it's used on top of the stove, but mine has survived for a long time.
nutcakes November 25, 2012
Though double $30 we could consider it, looks nice, but it is too small for a Turkey at 9x13, yes?
Reiney November 25, 2012
Not quite $30 but Sur La Table's own brand makes pretty good quality stuff for its price point and is currently on sale (with free shipping to boot):

The thing about it is, anything cheaper than this is going to warp quickly, so you might as well be using the disposable aluminum ones at that point. Also keep in mind you want something that will caramelize the sucs (brown bits) to get a nice pan sauce.
Sweets November 25, 2012
I brought a really cheap one at ikea 2 years ago. I expected it to last 6mths tops but it's still going strong.
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