Suggestions for roasting pan under $50?

In the market for a new one that isn't going to break the bank. I know there are a number of threads out there on new cook/bakeware, but specifically wondering what you look for in a roasting pan and the ones that you all love. Thanks!



Greenstuff October 19, 2011
Graniteware is indeed the standard, classic inexpensive roaster. I think it was circa 1980, maybe earlier, when I told my father that I was hosting a big Thanksgiving and had bought a roaster. His response--"Is it blue and speckled?"
Sam1148 October 19, 2011
The graniteware is classic, time honored and grandmother approved.
sdebrango October 19, 2011
i have my Mothers which is probably 30+ yrs old!
sdebrango October 19, 2011
I love my graniteware, it comes in all different sizes. The really big one I use for turkey is $39.99 here is a link:
sdebrango October 19, 2011
This is what a graniteware roaster looks like:
sdebrango October 19, 2011
Don't know what happened the picture didn't load.
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