No burned hands, I need a kettle with well insulated handle as my husband wraps dish towels on our current model

Can anyone recommend a material to look for or specific model kettle that one can lift while water is heated for coffee/tea without an oven mit or towel?

  • Posted by: Redski23
  • November 29, 2012


susan G. November 30, 2012
If you are using a kettle on the stove, be sure that your heat source, gas flame or electric ring, does not go outside the bottom of your pot. If it does, the heat goes up the sides of the pot and makes the handle too hot to touch. When I do that, my no-name kettle handle stays touchable. Or get an oven mitt for your husband!
I have switched over to an electric kettle which works very well. The outside of the pot gets hot, the handle stays cool, and the bottom of the pot is cool so you can put it down on a counter or table without damage. (Another husband sore spot here.)
Hilarybee November 30, 2012
I love my electric kettle. I have a Bonavita Electric Kettle, it's fabulous. It has a nice sturdy handle, and it also has a gooseneck spout, so hot water doesn't come rushing out, it's just a perfect stream of water for tea or a Chemex.
AntoniaJames November 30, 2012
I recently bought the Sur La Table house brand kettle, which has a stay cool handle, and a whistle spout stopper that can be lifted with the index finger of the same that lifts the kettle. So convenient, and so reasonable, too. I have owned OXO's, which are pretty and have a sensible design for lifting open the spout cover while you pour, but they also allow you to leave the spout cover open, which defeats the purpose of the whistle. You can imagine why I no longer own either of them. Also, when I was researching before buying the SLT, I read in several places about former owners of the OXO who were unhappy with the inside of their kettles rusting. ;o)
Reiney November 29, 2012
I love electric kettles - Breville does it right (in a couple of different price points, depending on if you want the heat-water-to-specific-temps feature for teas and french press coffee)
QueenSashy November 29, 2012
I also have Le Creuset and have been very happy with it.
Diana B. November 29, 2012
What about an electric kettle? I bought a Kalorik electric kettle recently, and it's so superior that I am kicking myself for messing with a tea kettle on the stove all these years.
Ophelia November 30, 2012
I agree, electric kettles are really the way to go and they come in a ton of different shapes and sizes, none of which I've ever had problems with when it comes to burning myself when lifting the pot. The one I have now was $30 and has lasted me about 4 years (the one before lasted 6 years before it stopped automatically shutting off).
minibakersupreme November 29, 2012
I have a Le Creuset kettle that does the job well and has a plastic handle that stays cool. I think they might be a little pricey; I'm not sure as I found mine at a thrift store.
HalfPint November 29, 2012
Not sure if this a duplicate post.
Check out the Chantal Bubble Tea Kettle with stay-cool handle. I would post the link but I think the Spam filter is not going allow it.
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