Can cake be left to cool on a rack overnight?

I baked a cake this evening for a birthday tomorrow. It just came out of the oven and I would very much like to go to bed sooner than later. Is it ok to cool overnight? I've seen advice elsewhere online to cover it with a tea towel (some people said that didn't work and the cake dried out) and I've seen advice to wrap it up in plastic wrap when I take it out of the tin and leave it out (or refrigerate it). Any thoughts?



Windischgirl March 17, 2017
Depends on the type of cake (does it have butter or oil in it? They will stay fresher; genoise is more delicate and tends to dry out anyway). But this is what our grandmothers did all the time before modern refrigeration. I turn the cake out of the tin after about 10 minutes, leave the cake on a rack and drape a tea towel over it. Wrapping a hot cake in plastic will cause it to steam, and then...mush. If your house is hot, it might dry out...but you can counter that with a layer of jam, a brushing of flavored sugar syrup, and/or frosting.
Catherine March 18, 2017
It was the mayo cake that was up on the front page a few days ago. I turned it out of the pan after 10 minutes on to a rack and let it cool for an hour before I wrapped it in plastic and put it in the fridge. It was perfectly fine in the end :)
MMH March 16, 2017
Don't do it. Left alone it will be very dry. Covered the moisture will condense and leave it soggy.
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