How do I make shrimp salad?



Barton S. December 10, 2012
Since there are so many different styles of shrimp salad, I won’t recommend a specific recipe, but I do love using Northern Shrimp ( These pair particularly well with the flavors of fennel, tarragon, and cilantro. They are not as rich as other shrimp, so every salad will need a splash of olive oil or a dollop of mayonnaise!
chefpete65 December 3, 2012
I prefer a salad of shrimp ,red onion, vine ripened tomato,cilantro, garlic, fresh jalapeño, Fresh squezed lime juice and a little olive oil. Also makes a great cold taco!
pierino December 3, 2012
Tiny bay shrimp, Thousand Island dressing (easy as hell to make, don't buy the bottled stuff even if it has Paul Newman's name on it) with a bit of Spanish pimenton (paprika), cocktail sauce on side; all served up in lettuce "cups". Hold the salad in a bowl set over a larger bowl filled with ice until you are ready to spoon it into the lettuce.
amysarah December 2, 2012
There's a great shrimp salad in the original Silver Palate Cookbook - Shrimp and Grape Salad with Dill. Really simple and delicious:
lorigoldsby December 2, 2012
Classic shrimp salad is a mayo based dressing with celery, onion and dill. You can also sub curry for the can sub avocado...or due to the sweetness of can mix in acidic fruits with an oil/vinegar dressing...shrimp is very versatile!
bigpan December 2, 2012
I like the old traditional method - it's not broken,so...
Put a good handful of shredded iceberg lettuce in large martini glasses. Top with a serving of shrimp.
Make cocktail sauce: 1 tablespoon of ketchup per serving, 1 teaspoon of horseradish per serving, a splash of worchestershire and a few grinds of pepper. Put in a bit of minced shallot if you are modern.
Mix sauce and top on the shrimp.
Garnish with a twisted slice of lemon.

Sam1148 December 2, 2012
I also love a good properly chilled shrimp cocktail.
A classic.
Sam1148 December 2, 2012
I love Japaneese Sunomono Salad with shrimp. Use a seeded or english cucumber skinned and sliced thin, salt it with 1/2 tsp of salt..let it sit about 20 mins then wring out the water. Add to a bowl with the shrimp (sliced or use the cocktail shrimp). Dress with mix of rice vinegar, ice water (or Dashi), a bit of sugar and just a touch of soy sauce. Best left overnight or a few hours.
If you have Wakame seaweed--a tsp or two of the dried stuff. hydrates into larger bit than you think. A couple of diced cherry tomatoes are good too. Dulice seaweed is also used.
Monita December 2, 2012
Check this link for a variety of shrimp salads
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