Are the prunes in the recipe intended to be the dried ones more common in stores or fresh ones?

Sweet Potatoes Anna with Prunes
Recipe question for: Sweet Potatoes Anna with Prunes


ChefOno December 5, 2012

You can grow prune plums but a prune doesn't become a plum until it's dehydrated to a moisture content of 21%.

A dozen years ago, the California Prune Board, after years of attempting to educate the American public, gave up and changed the name under which prunes are marketed in the U.S. to "dried plums". Apparently those of us who eschew prunes will still gladly chew on a dried plum. Go figure.

Another historic prune failure started when a farmer imported 500 monkeys from Panama to harvest his fruit. The monkeys proved to be quite skilled at the task however they also ate much of what they picked (just like me when I visit a U-Pick orchard).

Gibson2011 December 5, 2012
They're dried prunes (when fresh they're plums). That's also why it calls for plumping them in liquid.
noahluck December 5, 2012
Thanks. We grow prunes (the fruit) but people in areas where they aren't grown are often only familiar with prunes as dried plums.
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