A question about a recipe: Sweet Potatoes Anna with Prunes

I have a question about the ingredient "port" on the recipe "Sweet Potatoes Anna with Prunes" from mrsp.

Sweet Potatoes Anna with Prunes
Recipe question for: Sweet Potatoes Anna with Prunes


Kristen M. November 20, 2011
Hi sticksnscones -- the type of port isn't terribly important, since it's just used to soak the prunes. If you have a choice, I wouldn't use one that's too sweet, since there's a lot of sweetness from the prunes & sweet potatoes. As for the posting issues, if you could email details on what happened to [email protected], that would be immensely helpful. Going back to the old Food52 isn't an option, but we're constantly (and I mean constantly!) working on improvements, big and small. Thanks for your patience.
sticksnscones November 20, 2011
The site is not as easy to navigate as it used to be....I had trouble posting my question...tooo complicated :(
I wanted to know what type of port should be used in the recipe.
Thanks....PLEASE bring back the OLD Food52...the new one is making me cranky
Kristen M. November 20, 2011
Hi sticksnscones, what's your specific question about port?
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