Do you recomend starting the turkey Breast Down than turning it breast up after the first 90min ? I hear it makes the turkey more moist and breat does not dry


nutcakes November 22, 2010
It does help keep it moist the juices flow down there and the breast is a little protected.. I usually leave it down the whole time cause it is a pain to turn over, but you won't get the crisp skin that way, so do it. Lately I have been removing the turkey when the breast reaches 160-165F, let rest 15 minutes, cut off legs and thighs and return to the pan to finish cooking to 175-180. Keeps everything moist.
Kayb November 22, 2010
My stepdaughter actually inadvertently cooked the turkey entirely upside down one year. It was the most moist turkey any of us had ever had. The only downside I see to flipping it is the physical difficulty of doing so.
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