Looking for a good lasagna recipe with lots of meat and ricotta. Also I accidentally bought no-bake noodles.



CHeeb December 7, 2012
Mrslarkin is correct.The no boil/cook noodles do just fine if baked in a wet lasagne. If you need a really meaty dish , cooked Italian sausages and thinly sliced meatballs are great fillers. Add a little spice to each layer to keep the flavor intensity...Penzey's Tuscan Sunset is a great no salt Italian blend.
mrslarkin December 7, 2012
I only buy the no-cook lasagne noodles. Here's my recipe, but I make a bechamel sauce, which you could easily sub with a mix of ricotta and shredded mozzarella. http://www.food52.com/recipes/2921_lasagne_alla_bolognese Good Luck!
WileyP December 7, 2012
Lots of meat and ricotta...and you have some no-bake lasagna noodles? Why not make baked manicotti a la Cooks Country and America's Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated. I think they showed it on Cooks Country's PBS show not too long ago, but I just noticed that it is now a "Members Only" recipe. Feel free to drop me a note if you need some help!
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