Tube Pan

I need recommendations for a 9-inch tube pan (brand, source?) to bake, let's say, a Chocolate Dump-it Cake. Anyone have one they really like?



Amanda H. December 9, 2012
I bought mine at Williams-Sonoma and I like it very much. It's aluminum. I also have a non-stick tube pan, but I'm not a fan of it because with the dark coating, you have to adjust the temperature on recipes, and cakes didn't bake as well in it. Also, if you make something like angel food cake, you don't want non-stick.
maryvelasquez December 9, 2012
Thanks! The non-stick feature had me perplexed. Also, I assume smooth design is better than fancy curves of a Bundt pan for your Dump-it Cake.
Amanda H. December 9, 2012
Yes, it's a heavy cake, so I think a Bundt pan could be problematic. I love tube pans because you can always cut out the cake without losing any (though you shouldn't have to with the dump-it cake if you butter and flour the pan well). Good luck!
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