Sanding sugar

Can I substitute granulated sugar for sanding sugar? It's supposed to be sprinkled on my cookies on top of an egg wash.

Sue A.
  • Posted by: Sue A.
  • December 9, 2012


cookbookchick December 10, 2012
No need to apologize! We all learn from these posts, especially when someone knowledgeable like boulangere weighs in!
Diana B. December 10, 2012
Sorry, I thought it was the superfine sugar used for sanding candied citrus peel, for example. I apologize for any confusion I introduced into the conversation!
boulangere December 10, 2012
I candied some orange peel the other day, and didn't have any superfine sugar, so used the plain-old-plain-old variety. It never crossed my (too-focused) mind to reach for the coffee grinder. Thanks for the reminder ;0)
boulangere December 10, 2012
Sanding sugar is also known as AA (double-A) sugar, so classified for the large size of its crystal. Because of that large size, it's perfect as a decorating sugar on cookies and scones for example. I also like to use it for the burned crust on top of crème brûlée because it fires up with a deeper crunch than a smaller-crystal sugar.
cookbookchick December 10, 2012
My sanding sugar is indeed coarser than regular granulated sugar.
Diana B. December 9, 2012
You can also put your granulated sugar in a coffee or spice grinder and give it a whirl - it will come out much finer and be like the sanding sugar your recipe calls for.
Sue A. December 10, 2012
I was under the impression that sanding sugar is coarser than granulated - maybe I'm wrong...
Kukla December 9, 2012
Turbinado or Maple sugar will work very well, but if you don’t have either of them, just use granulated sugar.
Sue A. December 10, 2012
Snow storm here - used what I had and it worked - thank you.
Greenstuff December 9, 2012
Yes, you can. It'll just be slightly different, but perfectly fine.
Sue A. December 10, 2012
Thank you - worked fine.
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