Shell beans in Suzanne Goin recipes

In the book Sunday suppers at lucques - Suzanne Goin calls for shell beans. Is this a generic class of beans or is it one particular bean? What kinds of beans would work? Thanks.



Sue A. December 10, 2012
Cooks Thesaurus states: "

cranberry bean = borlotti bean = saluggia = shell bean = salugia bean = crab eye bean = rosecoco bean = Roman bean = fagiolo romano Notes: These have an excellent, nutty flavor, and are commonly used in Italian soups and stews. Substitutes: fresh cranberry bean OR tongues of fire beans (very similar) OR cannellini bean OR Great Northern bean OR pinto bean OR chili bean."
ChefJune December 9, 2012
"Shell Beans" are also known as cranberry beans. Their formal name is probably Borlotti Beans. They are a white bean speckled with red. VERY tasty beans! I like to make Pasta Fagiole with them.
paseo December 9, 2012
Shell beans are still in their 'shells' (dried pods)- in other words, a recent harvest. The pod is dry but the bean is plump and moist, and less cooking required. A real treat, usually only available from a farmer who grows them.
Monita December 9, 2012
I'm not familiar with the book but I believe she's talking about a general class of beans with shells. You might enjoy reading this article from Mother Earth News about growing shell beans
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