No clue who sent me that info. Someone sent me 150 degrees in the dark meat. Whoever gave me that has NO CLUE about Safe Cooking Temps !!!!!!!!


phyllis November 22, 2010
White meat to 155 and dark to 165, tent and rest for at least 15 minutes, which will bring the temps up by about 5 degrees. Unless you deconstruct the turkey, you can't really have this temperature differentiation, so I cook to 160-165.
pierino November 22, 2010
Actually 150F is a pretty good bench mark unless you like really dry turkey. Once you remove it from the oven and tent it with foil it will get a heat boost as the sizzling juices come back to the center (which actually raises the internal temperature). But the one thing you want to look for if you test the meat near a "hindge" would be clear rather than pink juice. And remember as well that you test the dark meat, which would be a thigh rather than the breast.
nutcakes November 22, 2010
I agree. At 150F the breast meat will be pink and the dark meat bloody. I cook the breast to 160F. Remove bird from oven and rest 15 minutes. then I cut off the legs and thighs and return to the pan to cook until 175-180F. For UK temps use this chart:
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