Goat Cheese Sub

I don't particularly care for goat cheese, what would be a
good subsitute for recipes?



Miafoodie December 14, 2012
Thanks hla -- we have Mexican shops that carry fromage blanc.
I think this is a perfect subsitute.
hardlikearmour December 13, 2012
If you can find a cow's milk fromage blanc it would be a perfect sub, but it's not super easy to find.
la D. December 13, 2012
Queso Fresco may be a good option. I found a little info for you over at The Kitchn http://www.thekitchn.com/queso-fresco-the-cheesemonger-91408
Miafoodie December 14, 2012
la domestique....thanks for the web site ... I think this will
do the job!
jsdunbar December 13, 2012
Cream cheese seems to melt in a similar way.
Miafoodie December 14, 2012
Feta cheese was voted the best, but I'm inclined to agree with you that cream cheese will melt. Thanks jsdunbar.

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Omeletta December 13, 2012
It depends on the recipe of course, but I've found feta typically works well in place of goat cheese.
Miafoodie December 14, 2012
Thanks, I'll give feta a try...is it creamy enough?
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