Goat Cheese is not a fave of mine what can I use as a sub in any recipe, I love all cheeses just don't care for goat cheese. Thanks

Usually avoid recipes calling for it.



Nancy October 12, 2015
If you're adventurous, try subbing any cheese(s) you really like in recipes that call for goat cheese. Do this with small portions in case you hit a dud combination. But/and repeat the ones you like best.
And 2 general guidelines:
Instead of simpler, softer, creamier goat cheeses, try something like mascarpone or cream cheese.
Instead of drier, aged, more complex goat cheeses, try something like ricotta salata, Parmesan, or Pecorino, even a blue cheese, if you like them.

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Niknud October 12, 2015
I think it would depend on what type of recipe you're looking at. If it is a salad recipe, a sub will be fairly easy - maybe blue cheese or feta if you're looking for somewhat similiar texture. If it's another type of recipe I think it would depend. I have a garlic mashed potato recipe that I use goat cheese in to provide a bit of tang. For this recipe, you could omit it all together or use something like cream cheese if you want to keep the extra creaminess. I would say take it on a case by case basis. Maybe if a particular recipe has you flummoxed, post it here on The Hotline. Good luck!
SilverSage October 12, 2015
My first thoughts would be Boursin or feta. There are others, but these are 2 that are readily available in most supermarkets.

Boursin is a cow's milk cheese that has a similar tang.

Feta is is usually a mixture of sheep & goat, so the 'goatiness' is mellowed by the sheep's milk.
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