Why is my soup not thickening up?

The recipe calls for 1 T of flour to thicken. Two hours later and additional 3 Ts, my soup is still runny. Guests over in an hour.

  • Posted by: notuna4u
  • December 13, 2012


jester101 December 13, 2012
Rather than use plain flour, you can thicken soups, sauces, etc with cornflour aka cornstarch.

Mix a tablespoon of cornflower with a splash of water and make sure there are no lumps. Stir the mixture into your soup and cook it out for a few minutes. If it hasn't thickened to your liking just repeat with another tablespoon of cornflower and water. Make sure to cook out each addition of flour so your soup still tastes delicious!

Good luck!

Monita December 13, 2012
What temperature are you cooking the soup on? Try it on medium high; that will help evaporate excess liquid faster and should thicken things up. Also, it should be uncovered
SeaJambon December 13, 2012
What kind of soup? What kind of quantities?
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