How do I avoid cookies sticking together when I drizzle with chocolate?

I am making these ( chocolate mint cookies from Bon Appetit, however when I melt my chocolate, it's too thick to drizzle. I added some milk (didn't have cream in the fridge), but now I think they may stick together when I stack them to package as gifts. Anything I can do differently so the chocolate hardens?



Sam1148 December 17, 2012
I would see this as perfect excuse to eat two cookies instead of one.
Meatballs&Milkshakes December 17, 2012
Thanks all! I tried the refrigerator and parchment, they're still a little sticky but manageable. For the rest of the batch I will try adding a little butter, too.
boulangere December 15, 2012
A bit of soft (not melted) butter will thin out chocolate. You can encourage it to firm up better and faster by refrigerating them for a bit. Parchment paper will keep them from sticking together when they sit at room temperature for a while. Milk, because of its water content, will cause chocolate to seize - to turn lumpy in a way that you can't heat or stir out.
bigpan December 15, 2012
I agree with Sadassa about the wax paper, but since it is a gift why not get some colored plastic paper from Michaels or a gift shop (or even a dollar store) and wrap them individually, then put into the box. Wrap them and tie with a bit of ribbon and all of a sudden four cookies look more special than six layered with wax paper.
Sadassa_Ulna December 15, 2012
I have added shortening to make chocolate thinner. I think it hardens enough when cooled. Maybe you could put circles or strips of wax paper between stacked cookies. Maybe freeze them before placing wax paper?
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