What brand of mandolin do you use? I am in the market for one but the reviews are all over the place as to which ones are decent.

  • Posted by: cabfood
  • December 20, 2012
Coriander Beet Chips
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NakedBeet December 20, 2012
I actually bought a cheap plastic one I found at my local Marshalls and it's really just fine. When I looked for one myself a few years ago, I encountered the same dilemma about the reviews. Unless you use one on a weekly basis, it might not matter as much. I hope you like the chips!
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 20, 2012
There have been lots of hotline questions about mandoline recommendations, here's just one: http://food52.com/hotline/14851-can-you-recommend-a-mandoline

For more answers do a search for mandolines and drop down to hotline (not recipes) and find lots of great answers.

Have fun & be careful - consider a glove if you're a klutz like me : )
Pegeen December 20, 2012
The Kyocera ceramic works very well (http://amzn.to/VbiuY8). I think it's about as reasonably-priced as you're going to get for something that performs well and is safe, meant for home cooking. (Good luck with the recipe - sounds yummy!)
Monita December 20, 2012
I really like a Japanese mandoline. They're a bit more expensive but very straight forward to use and are lightweight and easy to store
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