I want to bring this dish to our family Christmas Eve party but it must survive a 45 minute car ride, then sit for an hour or two before dinner is...

... served. Should I cook the delicata at my destination or can I pre-cook and heat back up before dinner (microwave or oven?



PazzoNico December 20, 2012
Oven. Just be sure to warn the people who's house you're going to that you may be taking up some oven space for a little while.
And I would wait to garnish with lime until you get there. Leaving it with lime on it overnight and then reheating it might make it a little bitter.
Monita December 20, 2012
While I've never made this dish I have made one similar with delicata squash and have successfully re-heated it the next day. I would do it covered in an oven
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