⦁ A case beef tenderloin (5ct), 45lb/cs how do you find out how many lbs each one is?

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1 Comment

Lori T. January 15, 2021
It really depends on the producer. Some will weigh and label individual cuts, some don't. If yours does not, then you will simply have to weigh the individual cuts yourself, on your own scale. Or you could count on most animals going to slaughter at roughly the same size/weight, which means their individual tenderloins will be roughly the same size as well. That being the case, you just divide the total weight by the number of cuts in the case- and in your case, each one will weigh about 9 pounds. You also want to know if your meat is going to be trimmed or untrimmed- because that makes a difference in final price, and the amount of work you are going to need to do before cooking. Untrimmed tenderloins will lose a bit when you remove the fat cap and silver skin, as well as excess bits like the chain - before you get to the actual tenderloin itself. You need a bit more information than simply the number of cuts in the case, and likely you need a scale of your own.
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