I'm making a Hollandaise sauce. Is there a product that helps keep your bowl in place on the counter while you're tempering the eggs and milk?



pollopicu December 23, 2012
Thanks for all the wonderful responses. I've been using the wet towel method myself for years. Was just wondering if there's an actual apparatus that holds the bowl on the counter..but I'm enjoying all of the idea bright ideas for keeping the bowl in place.
WileyP December 23, 2012
I have a couple pieces of the non-skid stuff you can line your drawers and shelves with. A piece of that under your bowl or cutting board does wonders!
Sam1148 December 23, 2012
A rubber mouse pad, inverted with the rubber on top. Placed on a damp tea towel.
TobiT December 23, 2012
great use for all those promotional mouse pads we've amassed over the years!
Diana B. December 23, 2012
Do you happen to have one of those rubber grippers for opening jars? That's what I put under my bowls because their very design makes them non-skid.
pollopicu December 23, 2012
Thank you.
mrslarkin December 23, 2012
Yes! Use a damp folded paper towel and place it underneath the bowl. This also works for cutting boards.
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