Can you use 2% milk to make Alfredo sauce?



Diane January 31, 2014
Goodness, I hope I didn't come off as a smart alec. I was actually suggesting that the extra step of making a roux/cream sauce/etc. is totally unnecessary and complicates and extremely simple recipe. My point was that a divine Alfredo is as simple as making toast, not to point out historical inaccuracies.
LizzyRose January 31, 2014
It's okay, Diane! Honestly I just wanted a tasty creamy pasta sauce last night, but that's very interesting about authentic "Alfredo"
LizzyRose January 31, 2014
Thank you!!
LeBec F. January 31, 2014
I am a born researcher so i have no problem with talk about 'authentic' 'historically accurate' versions of dishes . But I think it's important that 52 be welcoming and that we realize when this kind of conversation/response is appropriate or inappropriate. If OP wants to make Alfredo sauce, let's help her do that. just sayin'. *I do know that all of you regularly help alot of people on the 52Hotline.
ChefJune January 31, 2014
...and it makes me laugh sadly when I see bottled "Alfredo Sauce" for sale in grocery stores.
Diane January 31, 2014
Technically, there's no cream in Alfredo sauce (at least the original). It's simply equal parts finely grated Parmesan and butter, tossed gently with the pasta, and loosened with the briney pasta water.
pierino January 31, 2014
Diane is correct and to be technical about it there is no such thing as "alfredo sauce" except at Olive Garden. The actual dish is fettucine alfredo. It dates back to Rome in the thirties. The milk/cream element was no doubt introduced in America in the same way it was dumped into spaghetti carbonara (another Roman classic). For what it's worth, the only ones who ask for fettucine alfredo in Rome these days are tourists.
LeBec F. January 31, 2014
you can, indeed, if you use a roux (cooked paste of butter and flour) to thicken the sauce- more like a Beschamel sauce really.However, it won't taste as rich and 'pure cream' as an Alfredo sauce which is usually made w/ heavy cream cooked down w/ garlic and Parm.
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