How do I fix a tomato gravy that is too tangy?

My tomato sauce is too tangy. I have add wine and sugar. What else can I do?

  • Posted by: cbv
  • December 23, 2012


Nicci June 16, 2018
Awesome advice. My Thai curry taste gourmet.
babytiger December 25, 2012
If adding sugar isn't enough, maybe add in some stock.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 24, 2012
Lots of Italians (I'm one from LI), that would laugh in your face. Your comments always insult while trying to answer a hotline question. Get overself and be helpful, not condenscending. Merry Christmas.
pierino December 25, 2012
Fine, laugh in my face, I don't care. It's just food history, go ahead and laugh at that too. There is no such thing as "tomato gravy" in Italy. It's completely American and more specifically the mid-Atlantic. And there is nothing wrong with that, nor is it condescending to point it out. In Italy tomato "sauces" tend to be loose. The exception being Bolognese which is tight, with less tomato. And by the way I grew up in Long Island red sauce joints.
pierino December 24, 2012
The whole concept of "tomato gravy" is an Italian-American thing. It's not really Italian but if you are from New Jersey or Long Island, well.. Ok.
To do it right you have to load up the onions and chopped carrots at the beginning because it's hard to fix afterward. Adding milk at the beginning helps too---that's the Bolognese model.

Sadassa_Ulna December 24, 2012
If you're out of tomatoes sauté some onion until really really soft and add that.
susan G. December 24, 2012
Cinnamon can help too, not much more than a good pinch.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 24, 2012
I would add more tomatoes and keep tasting until you find it it less tangy.
Maedl December 24, 2012
A spoonful of sugar works well. Add it after all the ingredients are in the sauce and it has cooked a bit. If you add just a small amount, it doesn't make it sweet, but removes the bite.

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Sam1148 December 23, 2012
Just a pinch..a pinch of baking soda will neutralized overly acidic tomato sauces. Taste and can from tangy to bland very quickly with too much.
Sarthoki E. July 11, 2017
Wow.. wowww... it worked like magic! Thanks a ton! :o
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