About to Salt my 5 lb $100 tenderloin and set in fridge for 24 hrs....How much Salt?

Thanks everyone for any help....Merry Xmas



Lindsay-Jean H. December 24, 2012
Hope it turns out well!
HookedCook December 24, 2012
Thanks Lindsay...I understand now....I just see pics like Steven Raichle Tenderloin recipe on here and he's got 4 cups of salt working....I'm planning on making the Porcini/Rosemary recipe and we are just looking for a seasoning of salt in this recipe,Got it...
Lindsay-Jean H. December 24, 2012
I don't think you need to measure out a specific amount of salt. Just use kosher salt, so you can see where you've salted the beef, and just make sure you're getting it all over.
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