What to do if I used too much salt in my dry brine?! 15lb bird, 1/2 cup course salt, been sitting in fridgerator approx 24 hours! help?!

Stefani Baez


Mark B. November 23, 2016
That doesn't sound like too much salt to me. I think it will be fine.
Stefani B. November 22, 2016
Done and done! Thanks! Rinsed, started from scratch and went with just two tablespoons of salt. Thanks again! #fingersCrossed
Kenzi W. November 22, 2016
Good news: At least it's coarse salt! To be safe, I'd rinse the brine off asap and start from scratch, perhaps going a little lighter this time (looks like, for a bird your size, you nearly doubled the amount of salt). And be careful on the drippings on the cooking end—they could be a lot saltier, so taste before adding them to gravy or stuffing.
Tyler November 22, 2017
Hi, I am dealing with a similar problem.

My turkey is 18 lbs, I seasoned with approx. 5-6 TBSP of table salt for 8 hrs., realized I confused tsp with tbsp and rinsed my bird completely. I pat dry.

Did I ruin my turkey? Help! Any advice is welcomed.
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