Need an appetizer that uses beef tenderloin

We have leftover beef tenderloin (uncooked) from earlier in the week, and I'd like to use it for an appetizer for New Year's Eve. I have a crostini recipe, but since we're having Cioppino (with aioli and toasts) for the main course, I'd rather something else. The other appetizer is Moroccan crab cakes. Ideas, please! Thanks.

Jocelyn Grayson


inpatskitchen December 30, 2012
Boy...were we on the same page at the same time!
hardlikearmour December 30, 2012
hardlikearmour December 30, 2012
Maybe you could adapt this recipe - probably just cut the cooking time a tad to ensure tender steak:
inpatskitchen December 30, 2012
I think Oui, Chef's recipe for Herbed Beef Skewers would be fabulous with tenderloin
Jocelyn G. December 30, 2012
Interesting! Thanks.
Monita December 30, 2012
What about a fondue - here's a great recipe that can be sued with beef tenderloin
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