Ideas for leftover beef tenderloin?

I have extra of a version of Tastemade's Porcini and Rosemary Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Port Wine Sauce, and I am trying to figure out an interesting way to turn it into dinner. So far all I've got is: put it on a sandwich, with the extra Toro Bravo's Radicchio Salad with Manchego Vinaigrette I also have of.


Cristina Sciarra


LeBec F. January 1, 2014
"..... mini Beef Wellingtons with (fresh) beef tendloin."
LeBec F. January 1, 2014
cristina, just wanted to share a surprising experience w/ you.
You are smart to make things out of it til you've eaten it all (but you could prob take off a FEW dinners to have a non tenderloin entree.) We used to do Mini Beef Wekkingtons in my catering co. One time we tried using some leftover beef tenderloin that has been frozen. Ugggggh. No one in the kitchen thought it worked. so we never froze leftover cooked tenderloin after that. just sayin'.

As to future uses(next NYE leftovers?) i would suggest: curried beef turnovers, beef strogonoff or goulash....
Cristina S. January 1, 2014
Thanks, Sam! I spent so much time cooking on NYE, I'm not sure why I was trying to come up with something elaborate tonight anyhow. It was sandwiches today, and will be tacos tomorrow. Easy peasy. Thanks!
Sam1148 January 1, 2014
Why do any 'tranformation' with it. Change your plating and maybe add an element or two.
How about steaming it/warming it to serving temp..slice it.
And plate on mashed potatoes with port wine reduction.
Add some sauteed mushrooms.

Or use the sauce for potatoes with addtion of mushrooms and the tenderloin warmed as not to cook it anymore; with a sourcream/mayo/horseradish sauce. With a side salad of strong greens with a orange vinaigrette dressing.

I've done a hash with a prime rib..and it didn't turn out well, it was a waste of good prime rib--oh it was good; but the prime rib was lost in Brussels sprouts and potatoes.
pierino January 1, 2014
Tacos come to mind. Give it a coarse chop. Top it with avocado and sour cream. Keep in mind that there are no boundries to tacos. Let your imagination run wild.
Cristina S. January 1, 2014
I think you read my mind. That's the plan for tomorrow: avocado, some of the leftover radicchio, pan sauce, and a bit of hot sauce. Dinner. Thanks!
kimhw January 1, 2014
I diced up our extra tenderloin and made a great beef pot pie. Not a traditional recipe, I had limited drippings and used some stock. I didn't brown it since it was cooked. Lots of mushrooms and veggies. It was great.
Cristina S. January 1, 2014
That's a great idea!
Kristin January 1, 2014
I understand your hesitation and frankly it sounds as though it is beautifully dressed w/ the porcini and port and a crusty baguette with some good cheese and a spread of that manchego vinaigrette might be the ticket! I did just make a hash with beef tenderloin this past Sat for brunch -the meat was leftover from Christmas so after hanging out in the fridge for a few days I thought it better to cook it a little further. Works beautifully if you just toss it in at the end to brown up a little more. Good luck, I'm still nursing a NYE hangover so all I've been able to cook today is ginger ale! Fail.
Cristina S. January 1, 2014
Ha! I had quite the headache today myself! I think you're right--no need to over complicate. We went with slices of tenderloin, toasted on a crusty baguette with some of the wilty, dressed salad. And it was delicious!
Cristina S. January 1, 2014
I am hesitant to turn a tenderloin into a hash! It is so soft and flavorful on its own, I would be afraid it would get lost. Have you done a hash with tenderloin before?
Kristin January 1, 2014
Oh I would dice it up with some chopped onions and cubed potatoes and make it into a hash. Splash of maple syrup and sriracha. And peppers and a chili in adobo for added heat.
Pegeen January 1, 2014

If it's uncooked, you could freeze it and use it another time. Is it already cooked?
Cristina S. January 1, 2014
Yes, it is already cooked.
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