Colossal (2-4 per lb) shrimp - suggestions?

Each shrimp is about 8-9" long- I want to serve 1 per person as part of New Years Eve dinner (other main dish will be beef tenderloin). I don't necessarily need a "recipe" but suggestions for preparation - leaving the shell on, how long to grill, roast or bake, whether to marinate, etc. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Tarragon
  • December 28, 2011


Greenstuff December 29, 2011
Have fun! Splitting may be a good way to go. But just to reassure you, I've eaten a lot of shrimp that size--not here in the US, but in Madagascar. They were always done whole a the grill, and they were really good. Just keep a close watch. And again, have fun!!
Tarragon December 29, 2011
Thank you everyone! What I plan to do is use (as a marinade and basting sauce) the seasonings and sauce (sans brandy) from the Flamin Cajun shrimp recipe suggested by Amanda - but will grill as suggested by Sam, Greenstuff and Cranberry. We are picking up the shrimp today; when I actually see them I will decide whether to split them. ( I may just compromise and butterfly them). Truly a crowd-sourced recipe, thank you all!
cranberry December 29, 2011
We just had 8 per pound prawns last week and they cooked under the broiler for double the time recommended in the recipe, and were still a bit underdone. Recipe used was for jumbo shrimp and it was an olive oil and lemon juice based marinade - they also could have marinated longer than recipe called for. Next time I would grill them. Note the shells were not hard and thick, but soft more like shrimp shells.
Sam1148 December 29, 2011
I'd like to see the shrimp Subby is using. There are some shrimp that IMHO should be split...and placing it on a cocktail glass would be like Fred Flintstone ordering the side of ribs at the car-hop place.
boulangere December 28, 2011
Old-fashioned or new-age, barbecued or steamed, I'd suggest letting us know when dinner is going to be served!
bigpan December 28, 2011
I'm stuck with old fashioned shrimp - bigger is better - shrimp cocktail. A nice big martini glass with shredded iceberg lettuce, big shrimp hanging on the glass, and a sauce of ketchup with horseradish and splash of horseradish.
Sam1148 December 28, 2011
That large, I'd recommend treating them like mini-lobsters. Split in half, seasoned, brushed with butter and grilled or broiled. A couple of mins shell side up then flip and re-baste and finish.
I use a mix of ginger powder, lemon juice, soy sauce, oil/butter to brush and grill.
Sam1148 December 29, 2011
Large shrimp, are rather unknown. People think "oh jumbo large shrimp". But subby said 8-9 inches in lobster catagory. It would be unwieldly for guests to deshell such a Jurassic beast at the table. Sometimes the larger shrimp, have very thick shells..not a 'finger peel' type critter.
Therefore the splitting and grilling.
To make it easier for the guests...and for shrimp that large..and I rather like the bits of chared meat on the split shell, carmalized with the butter, soy/Worcester whatever on the basting..and easy to eat without a bib.
The big thick shells for 8 inch shrimp...aren't something you want guest wresting with to get at the meat within. We're not talking "Jumbo Shrimp" here..we're talking lobster catagory.
Greenstuff December 28, 2011
Whoop, cross posted! If your happy with those flavors, no further advice needed!
Greenstuff December 28, 2011
you're, not your. I thought I never made that mistake! Who can figure the brain on a keyboard.
Greenstuff December 28, 2011
I'd also grill with the shells on. You can do whatever you want beforehand, but if I were you, I'd just grill them and serve a sauce that I liked on the side. We eaten some huge shrimp too, and that works really well. With shrimp at your smaller end, I've coated them (in shell) with low-grade olive oil and garlic, then put them on the gril, covered)l for just enough time to cook them, and served them without any additional sauce. They are smoky and good.
Tarragon December 28, 2011
Greenstuff, what do you mean about shrimp at the smaller end? Do you think that would not work for the colossals? I like your idea too.
Greenstuff December 28, 2011
I meant at the smaller end of your range. I think it could work with even bigger ones too, but you'll want to keep an eye on them so that you don't burn up the sides before the middles are done.
Tarragon December 28, 2011
Amanda, thanks - that recipe looks fabulous, I hadn't been thinking of doing much of a sauce but that one is hard to resist and I will probably do it. I love Worcester sauce and butter together. It will also keep the shrimp moist.
Amanda H. December 28, 2011
Not sure if these are the kinds of flavors you're looking for but this is a great recipe, and if you wanted to grill the shrimp you could do that and make the sauce separately. If you're going to grill I'd definitely recommend keeping the shells on -- it will protect the shrimp from over-cooking and getting charred or rubbery on the edges.
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