Contest deadline

Is there any chance we could just see the day/date and time for the current contest deadline? The NASA-type countdown isn't easily decipherable. Thank you.



BoulderGalinTokyo January 5, 2013
Thank you to the above suggestions. Also would like dates for the Community Pick submissions. Sometimes hard to find the ingredients, so knowing an actudal deadline DATE would help me become a tester. Thank you. I love Food52s growth!

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susan G. January 2, 2013
I like the countdown -- it's so visual and dramatic, but I too would appreciate dates for contest close, announcement of 'the list,' when testing notes are due, winner list announcement -- and when new contest is announced. My calendar and my head find the current explanations impossible to translate into dates.
SKK January 2, 2013
So agree with you on this, Cynthia.
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